Seeds planted deep into our DNA were meant to grow into fruitful mighty trees

Screenshot (757)Screenshot (758)Dear Richard,

Your Christmas message on twitter moved me so deeply and struck a vulnerable chord in the fabric of my being. I am a foreigner living in the UK. In the current climate, not a day goes by when I don’t give thanks for the opportunity to live in a country which is not my own, to have been welcomed with open arms and to be able to immerse myself in another culture, learn and hopefully give something back too. My folks are all in Spain and though I do not see them as often as I wish to, this is due to the life I chose and not a set of depleting circumstances forced upon me, beyond my control. To think that things could so easily change and I could be forced out from my own home, family, friends and livelihood here in the UK shakes me up to the core.

I miss my large family back in Spain terribly at times but I am blessed and lucky enough to be able to get on a plane at the drop of a hat and go and see them, just like you do. I cannot even begin to fathom what it must be like to feel such terror and threat of staying in your own home that you feel you have no other choice but to drop everything and everyone and flee for your life into the unknown and sadly sometimes into a worse fate than the alternative.

I was out at a Christmas party on Friday night and there I chatted to a Belgian guy who visited Syria many years ago. He told me about this stunningly beautiful country where people used to enjoy the affluence you speak off. Many lived in villas with swimming pools and enjoyed the luxuries and comfort that so many of us take for granted and feel a sense of entitlement to in the West today. And then he told me about the Evil that hit and tore this country apart, the rapes, the violence, the cruelty, the utter annihilation that has engulfed this nation. These people and anyone fleeing their own countries are no more deserving of this hell on earth than you and I, but they sure deserve our compassion and empathy, our love and support. It could just as easily be us having to face, for whatever reason, displacement from our homes and a total alienation from or being robbed off the life that we have always known and enjoyed. Suggesting closing our doors, borders and hearts to those in need is not progress but regressing into a mentality of the survival of the strongest, where the humane part of us is gobbled up by our animal instincts. It is regressing into a primitive state of ignorance and savagery, of dominance and control, a state of staleness and blind spots where cultures and races can no longer learn from each other and enrich each other’s points of view and gifting, be it intellectual, artistic, or even humanitarian. Closing our borders, hearts and minds is regressing back into chapters in history of oppression, annihilation, fear, dominance, holocaust, suspicion and stagnation, creating the perfect environment for yet more radical and extreme individuals to thrive in and take away the core values so many fought so valiantly and sacrificed so much to give us today.

Richard, you are absolutely right. Who are we to judge who can and cannot have what we enjoy every single day? What sets us apart from others to feel with such pride that we’ve earned a life of freedom, civil rights, choice and affluence? Absolutely nought. What makes us so darn special and sets us apart from those who live in the Kibera Slums of Nairobi or the Favelas of Brazil, those who are persecuted for their faith or discriminated against because of their race or religion? Absolutely nought! It is mere chance that has placed each and every one of us in the place we live in, to be born within a particular race or colour and to be brought up to be guided by a certain creed. To think otherwise is to lead humanity into a dangerous downward spiral of selfishness, self-centeredness, narrow-mindednes, greed and success at the expense of innocent people’s suffering and destruction; the most despicable legacy or lack of anyone could leave behind.

There is, however, a point in which I wholeheartedly disagree with you. Your profession as an actor not only does not automatically discount you from voicing your opinion in these matters, but rather places a heavy responsibility on you to do so. Whether you recognise it or not your celebrity status, your reputation and outstanding work as an artist precedes you and makes you into an exemplary role model to thousands of people out there. You have an exclusive and unique platform to not only vent your opinions but to stand up and be counted as a person who will use their influence and global presence to make a vital difference in the course of events in this turbulent world we live in. God forbid we leave the fate of this planet solely to politicians. It is specially people like you who through artistry but also through the multitudinous following you enjoy in today’s most powerful tool, social media, can actively fight the threat posed by the far right views you refer to and challenge the views and opinions of those who blinded by their own egos and agendas are willing to sell their soul to the highest bidder, even when that means putting at risk the lives of millions of innocent individuals.

My wish for this Christmas and indeed for the year ahead is a wish for more courageous men and women like you in advantageous and strategic places in society to follow their true calling or the fire in their belly, the flame that burns within at the core of their being to come forth and challenge relentlessly radical and extremists views at the hands of those who can do the most damage to democratic multi-culturally, intellectually and artistically rich and vibrant societies. I am a great believer in investing my life in exploring and pursuing without fear those little nudges we all get, the quiet small voice in our head that is telling us to push forward in certain areas, to go beyond what we are good at and into what ignites us, what we are most passionate and uncompromising about. Everything about you, starting with the name you have been given, shouts out leadership, righteousness, courage, sincerity and above all an incandescent and latent social and moral consciousness, an unwavering determination to fight for what is right. Yes, you are an actor, but I see another side of you coming through, striving to make itself heard, burning up in everything you do and say. I see a man with remarkable, exceptional qualities, qualities which are not only required but which are essential to fight the good fight, to fight to the end for the things that truly matter in this precarious world we live in.

 May the force be with you! God knows I am.

With love,



“The earth dries up and withers”. Is God’s word fiction or the reality unfolding in front of our very eyes?

I have often been told that my outlook on everything is rather pessimistic and yes, that is true to some extent. I do however strongly feel that one has to have a certain pessimism built-in within them if they are ever going to have a genuine fear of the Lord, which we know from the Scriptures IS the beginning of wisdom. I think it is important in all areas of life to not be over pessimistic but neither over optimistic. I like to be real; I like to keep it real and I like to be realistic.

I know that our Heavenly Father is Love but I also keep close to my heart and spirit the certainty that God is a Just God in equal measure, a loving Father and specially the only ONE who knows it all, despite the fact that so many who are seen as men and women of God today think they too know it all. God alone can see the end from the beginning and the purpose in everything, the true “bigger picture”.

What we do know for sure, for those of us who accept the Bible as God-inspired and as the revelation of who Jesus is and why He came to the world and why He will come again, is the fact that there will be a day of Judgement. Many Christians shake in disapproval and with righteous anger when they hear such statement mentioned, because to them God is above all else love, and talking about judgement is something which in their eyes is non-sensical seeing as Christ has already paid the price for our sin on the cross and therefore what would be the need or the point of God judging men on that final day or even today? Personally, I feel that this type of Christian attitude does away with the need for ongoing repentance, contrition and the determination to go through a process of sanctification until the day we die; all absolutley vital and key steps in becoming more and more like Christ, which is ultimately what one would hope all Christians are striving for, even when we know we will never be like Him, not really. It is an attitude that brings forward countless of new converts, but the question we need to be asking ourselves at that point is: what are they really converting to seeing as the concept of God’s judgement and our need for repentance and humility are so paramount, clear and prevalent throughout the Scriptures?

Though we don’t know when the end will come, we know without a doubt that it WILL come and we have a pretty good description of what will happen when it does, both in the Old and the New testament. Listen for example to this fragment in the book of Isaiah (Isaiah 24, 4-13) and ponder afterwards whether you see any similarities with what is going on in the world today:

The earth dries up and withers,
the world languishes and withers,
the heavens languish with the earth.
5 The earth is defiled by its people;
they have disobeyed the laws,
violated the statutes
and broken the everlasting covenant.
6 Therefore a curse consumes the earth;
its people must bear their guilt.
Therefore earth’s inhabitants are burned up,
and very few are left.
7 The new wine dries up and the vine withers;
all the merrymakers groan.
8 The joyful timbrels are stilled,
the noise of the revelers has stopped,
the joyful harp is silent.
9 No longer do they drink wine with a song;
the beer is bitter to its drinkers.
10 The ruined city lies desolate;
the entrance to every house is barred.
11 In the streets they cry out for wine;
all joy turns to gloom,
all joyful sounds are banished from the earth.
12 The city is left in ruins,
its gate is battered to pieces.
13 So will it be on the earth
and among the nations,
as when an olive tree is beaten,
or as when gleanings are left after the grape harvest.

A view from the International Space Station shows bushfire smoke clouds over southern Australia.

As I was reading these words this morning, the images of the fires currently devastating large areas of Australia and also recently in various States on North America immediately came into my mind. Fires of uncontrollable scale are raging, more and more landscapes are becoming desolate. “Earth’s inhabitants are burned up…” we read in Isaiah. It all seems far too immediate and current already! We are getting to the end of October by which time the weather in the UK has already turned nasty weeks prior, and yet this year we are enjoying spring-like weather at the moment. Temperatures are so much milder (17 degrees forecast for tomorrow) and you do get the sense as you are out and about that indeed the whole earth seems to be warming up at an alarming rate.

Lines of scorched earth and huge smoke plumes from wild fires in Australia were visible from the International Space Station on January 8, 2013. Credit: NASA/Chris Hadfield

Only today as I went out for a walk with my dog, I had to contend with fighting off wasps which themselves appeared disorientated and bewildered as the autumnal landscape which they are not familiar with surrounded them. Little did they know, it was them who did not belong in such a landscape at such a time and not the other way around. I think there is a hidden message in that somewhere, but it is not coming to me right now. I will ponder on that a bit later perhaps!

I am not deliberately trying to be a scaremonger, far from it, but one cannot deny that there is a general sense of inevitability and bewilderment amongst earth’s inhabitants today. We realise we have neglected our duty and responsibility of looking after our planet and everything that is in it: our marriages, our lifestyles, our children, our relationships, our morals or lack of, and yet we continue doing “business as usual” instead of actually trying to either repent and change our ways, instead of humbling ourselves and finally recognising that neither we are God nor will we ever be, instead of putting aside our differences and concentrating on what we have in common: our humanity and those things which are vital to our existence: our planet and everything that lives in it.

Christians, the people of God, above anyone else should lead by example by coming alongside each other in unity to encourage and bless each other as we seek to do God’s will, and yet, disunity, pride and a desperate need to stamp our own identity and validity above anyone else within the Christian world is only too apparent when one ponders on the dozens of different Christian denominations and church identities we see all around us. We brag about how good we have it in our own church, how our church’s vision is the one that clearly capture’s God’s heart for His people, belittling in this manner what any other Christian individual or group may be doing be it in their community, for each other or in the world, instead of joining forces as the Body of Christ should to compliment and enhance what each other is doing. The problem with that is the results would no longer point to how amazing WE are, but to the kind of God we claim we serve.

I also see Isaiah’s prophetic words coming to pass not only in the natural world but much more so in the spiritual realm, amongst all Christians, as a scattering of God’s people of biblical proportions is taking place in the world today. Whilst in times past during so called “revivals” Christians were known for their gatherings together and their fight for a common cause and purpose, there is today a great sense of so many individuals being scattered outside of the “Structural” and “Institutional” fold, individuals who are searching for the one and true God whose temple is not made with human hands. These people who are being scattered are also experiencing a tremendous and unrelenting time of draught but the difference is that their draught results from God’s mercy and not his judgement, as He seeks to remove from us anything or anyone who is not from HIM or who deviates us from our true purpose in Christ, anything or anyone who is stopping us from following HIM and from doing HIS will.

I think I should finish with another portion of Scripture which pretty much sums up what I am trying to say here:

Isaiah 26, 7-11

7The path of the righteous is level;
you, the Upright One, make the way of the righteous smooth.
8 Yes, Lord, walking in the way of your laws,[a]
we wait for you;
your name and renown
are the desire of our hearts.
9 My soul yearns for you in the night;
in the morning my spirit longs for you.
When your judgments come upon the earth,
the people of the world learn righteousness.
10 But when grace is shown to the wicked,
they do not learn righteousness;
even in a land of uprightness they go on doing evil
and do not regard the majesty of the Lord.
11 Lord, your hand is lifted high,
but they do not see it.
Let them see your zeal for your people and be put to shame;
let the fire reserved for your enemies consume them.

Our Dear America – Where do you go from here? by Wolfgang and Mercy Simson

I don’t often do this, but the nature of the following article pushes me to publish it here today.  The comments left on the website which originally published it are even more enlightening than the article itself.

There are so many in North America today who are deeply grieved by the result of the Election.  Indeed, I have personally heard from some who are immersed in utter despair about it and see nothing but darkness ahead.

I would urge my friends Randi and Dave in particular to read this article and specially the comments left on that site. Here is a great comment from someone called Marty which struck a chord with me and the sentiment behind my recent posts:

That was truly a prophetic article, I have been saying much the same thing to everyone I know. Most of the ” intercessory” prayer about this election was from a “bless this country and deliver us from Obama” mentality when it should have been “Lord deliver this nation from sin and our warped priorities”. We must welcome Gods judgements as acts of divine love. We must also start seeking the mind of Christ on all issues, and not make false idols out of what we perceive as deliverance. There will be no deliverance until and unless we repent and seek hard after God. No good parent would ever let a child go through life the way we expect God to let the Church live in this country. Now will this nation and especially the Church accept this chastisement from God and really repent and seek Gods will and way?


OUR DEAR AMERICA – Where do you go From Here?

by Wolfgang and Mercy Simson.

Today, Obama has been re-elected; all the efforts of many Christian leaders, prayer movements, “prophets” and “concerned Americans”

who have lobbied, written appeals, articles, books, letters – some have even done films – to warn not to vote for him have come to nothing. Many of them have behaved as if the future of the Kingdom of God is at stake. Well, it is not.

Can we, as foreigners who dearly love you as a people, say a few words into this situation? Because it is evident to us that God has a clear plan with your nation. But many don t seem to see it, and therefore run the danger of fighting the wrong fight, wasting precious time and resources, and even endlessly call upon God to do what he just will not do.

The German weekly Der Spiegel, kind of a German Time Magazine, has a cover picture of Uncle Sam in bed, titled, The American

Patient: The decline of a Great Nation. We think this is a prophetic picture. As your friends, we know, acknowledge and admire that America has had a great past. But how will your future look like?

God chastises whom he loves because he knows: pride will come before the fall, and humbleness and brokenness is the only condition he responds to. We personally sense we need to tell you: the destiny of your nation is in God´s hands, not yours. It is not at all about Obama or Romney, it is about God using all the nations in the world according to his global and unchanging plans. Did you ever allow the thought that God in his sovereignty is using Obama like a pawn on his chessboard to humble the US as a nation because he wants to show his grace to a nation gone completely self-sufficient? A nation that is so full of independence, individualism, nationalism and trusting a greed- and fear-based economy that there may be only one way open to heal it from its idolatry and re-align itself with the Kingdom of God: a crisis beyond anything that America has ever seen?

In 2008, God has been challenged by a man standing up in public, preaching to the cheers of a huge crowd: “Yes we can!” We watched it; we saw the tears of excitement in the eyes of the people; the statements were received as if coming from the Messiah himself, and the electoral rallies had all the flavor of a religious revival. “Yes, we can” is the exact opposite of the King of kings saying: “Without me, you can do nothing!”

If God is the one who “deposes kings and raises up others” (Dan 2:21), does it really matter what are the names of the current puppets set in place by God that advance both the New World Order and the Kingdom of God? Neither Herod, Pilate nor Caesar were truly important for the development of the Kingdom. That is exactly why Kingdom people do not play in the Second League, but the First, the one that matters. The one that puts the Kingdom first, and everything else – including their own nation – second.

The problem of the current commotion and insecurities arises when even the people that call themselves after God keep confusing the Kingdom of God with the United States of America. And when that happens, especially through Christians with a public voice, then we have truly lost all perspective of the coming Kingdom of Jesus Christ and the predictions he has made that will precede his coming.

America is being publicly humbled by God; and he is going to use Obama – and those after him – to further advance his agenda that will lead all nations to kneel before that one true King Jesus very soon. If any nation wants to become a tower that reaches up to high heaven, it will be humbled by a God who will not share his glory with people relying on their own strength.

America, where do you go from here? What does this mean for you? The future is going to be very, very rough. Your securities will vanish, the economy will go down, the education system will become even worse, the streets more dangerous, the churches even more divided, the youth even more disillusioned – unless there is a true movement that abandons all those idols mentioned above, and radically repents, makes a radical alignment with the King of the Kingdom of God and his constitution, live the Law of Christ in all areas of life, first and foremost in the areas of sex, money, power and how we “do church”. This is a defining moment for you as a nation. You could go down, as the German journalist of `Der Spiegel´ predicted. Or, America could be literally re-invented by Kingdom people who are ready to implode the prevailing myths about America’s greatness, and replace it by God´s greatness.

The King has even greater things purposed and would fulfill those purpose IF those who call themselves after Jesus the King, would turn away from their self-made religion, self-made churches and religious factions, self-made visions of success, and their self-made, harmless God.

Can we lovingly but urgently call you back at this hour to begin and initiate a movement to reposition and repatriate yourselves into the eternal Kingdom, by submitting yourself not only in theory but also in practical deeds to Jesus the King, starting to obey the King and his liberating decrees in all the areas that count? You might even want to write a declaration of dependence on God and each other, because by idolizing anything else before and over God, you will become illegal aliens in the country that counts, where we all are called to have our home: the Kingdom, the one place where our true citizenship, nationality and allegiance lies (Phil 3:20). This is the only one country that will not be shaken, as it has an unchanging King.

If there is any way that we can help you in this great challenge and task – we want you to know we will.

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The church we belong to may be one our parents attended, or one in which we were born again, or one to which we were attracted because of its charismatic preacher, its doctrine or perhaps its singing. Whatever the reason, we eventually hold the beliefs of the group we have joined. If we attend a Bible school or seminary our beliefs and concepts are formed according to that particular school of thought Soon we find ourselves unable to agree with millions of other Christians simply because their “indoctrination” has been different from ours.

Although all believers have been transferred from out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of God’s Dear Son, we remain divided into thousands of denominations and disagreeing groups. This is the consequence of our beliefs, concepts and traditions, and we need to hold them lightly and be prepared to discard them if we wish to move on with God. Our environmental background, be it the norms of our society, the teaching of others, or our personal study and Bible reading, affects our whole life and ministry. It influences our every decision and action.

Generally we tend to have a “popular” view of things: a view that is shared by the majority of Christians in our circle. However, this is no guarantee that it is God’s view. Belonging to a recognized “church” with a building, an “ordained” minister, elders, deacons and engaging in all the activities associated with popular concepts of being a Christian can be a subtle deception. We can be deceived by these activities and think them God’s pleasing behaviour, when in reality they are of little relevance to God unless we obey His Son.

On the Mount of Transfiguration God spoke audibly::-

“This is my beloved son with whom I am well .pleased; hear him!”

(Matt. 17:5)

When God instructed the disciples to “HEAR” Jesus He was telling them to OBEY JESUS. Without obedience to King Jesus we are forever stunted in our spiritual growth and remain babes, carnal men of flesh. No amount of Bible knowledge, religious activities or good works is of any relevance in the Kingdom of God if we do not obey the King.

Religious observance is not the priority of disciples of the King and His Kingdom. Jesus and His first disciples constantly shocked the religious leaders by not conforming to their traditions and the accepted pattern of religious behaviour.

 Jesus came to preach the good news of the Kingdom of God, saying:

“The time is fulfilled and the Kingdom of God has drawn near,

repent and believe in the good tidings.” (Mk. 1:15,16)

The gospel of the Kingdom is simply that the Government of God is restored, and we who believe are called to let the King reign over our individual free wills. Every child of God is called to become like Christ in loving fellowship and submission to God and to become an “overcomer”, to participate in the Government of God upon the earth.

Over the centuries Satan has been working as the angel of light to deceive the church of Jesus Christ. Deception is his greatest weapon because it is through deception that he keeps us in his spiritual city of Babylon, even though we may be Spirit filled believers “winning souls” to our churches. Babylon represents the government of Satan and is the name that God gives in Revelation to describe Satan’s reign over the whole world system including the church system. The Holy Spirit is calling us to come out of Babylon and to enter the New Jerusalem. This is the reason for the great upheaval in the Body of Christ and the inability of millions of us to continue with “church as usual.”

There is a great shaking taking place as once more God shakes the earth, and everything that we have built will be shaken and reduced to rubble, until the only thing that remains will be the Kingdom of God. Jesus taught that wars, rumours of wars, earthquakes etc., are not the sign of the end, but that this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world for a witness and then the end shall come. (Matt. 24:14)

The gospel of the Kingdom is only beginning to be understood in the second half of the 20th century. We are still a long way from seeing the only message that Jesus called the gospel being preached in the whole world. The majority of preachers understand little about it, and we see some of them with their unrenewed minds arguing and fighting over their carnal understanding of the Kingdom of God.

However, there is a rustling in the mulberry trees. Millions of believers are being drawn by the Holy Spirit out of the church systems, and a glorious church is quietly and mysteriously arising in every place. Small pockets of believers who are led by the Spirit of God are relating without buildings, pews, professional ministers, choirs, set services, committees or any of the things that are so necessary for the perpetuation of churches in Babylon.

Instead of the practice of “Christian religion” the Lord is teaching us to understand once more the way of this life. The church of the Kingdom, the church that Jesus is building, is one church, one with the Lord and one with each other. It bears no resemblance to the churches, structures and organizations that we have built over the past centuries. The church of the Kingdom is a church of overcomers. We have generally failed to be overcomers because we have been subtly deceived into thinking that the basis for belonging to a church is found in agreement on doctrine. This is just one of Satan’s more successful lies and we must stop perpetuating it by refusing to accept it any longer. The church of Jesus Christ exists because it is a family with one Father. It exists in the same way that a natural family exists, not because all its members agree with one another, but because they have the same father. The only criterion for being a member of the church is to be one of God’s children. If God is your Father then you are a member of His church.

We all agree that Jesus Christ is Lord and believe in Him, but believing IN Him is not enough. WE MUST BELIEVE HIM. We must believe what he said and obey Him. Before we can enter the New Jerusalem we must return to child-like simplicity that maintains “If Jesus said it then that settles it.” Only then can we be set free from the webs of diverse doctrines and traditions that hold us in Babylon and start our journey to the City whose builder and maker is God.

The early church consisted of people who had been taught THE WORD OF CHRIST which is what Jesus had instructed His apostles to teach. We must face the reality that Jesus has never changed His instructions. The way forward is for us to repent of our old concepts, doctrines, traditions and practices if they are contrary to the words of the King, and once more to Give Jesus Christ the first place in everything.



Update to this post on 31.10.12

Since I published this post yesterday, I am amazed by the number of people who are disturbed by what has happened in the States and are landing on my site by entering on google search the term God’s judgement through Hurricane Sandy.  May this all serve to stir a people whose roots were once deeply planted upon God’s Holy name and heart.


I have often shared prophetic words given by John Paul Jackson on this blog, and once again I believe with all my heart that God is using this man and many others as the trumpets of a last wake up call to a world which is intent on ignoring God’s Omnipotence, and Omnipresence and even more so His Perfect Holiness and Will for us and this world.

I am scared myself to hear some of the things that John Paul shares in the video below, which is an update of a prophetic word he has given in years previous.  Indeed, the message given by him which I have shared on my blog previously was called “The Perfect Storm” and it spoke of various waves of God’s judgement coming upon all nations and it also spoke of evidence in the natural world of the mighty battle that is taking place in the spiritual realm between forces of good and evil.

I know that to so many this all sounds too much like a Hollywood Blockbuster or the stuff of a vivid imagination, or worse still like someone having lost their marbles, but we cannot continue ignoring the warnings of people like John Paul, because so many of these warnings have now become a painful and terrible reality.  How foreboding it was that the very name used by John Paul all those years ago to name this series of prophetic utterances is “The Perfect Storm”.  Rejection and resentment have always gone hand in hand in the life of the prophets, but whether today’s prohetic voices are in your eyes true or false, this must not send you off course in acting on the potential for truth in their message.  There are too many ramblings and murmours upon this earth today to remain cynical.

I was trying to explain to my daughter at breakfast time this morning how God has always used his prophets to prepare people for coming judgement and also to give us ample opportunity in view of the given warnings to repent, change our ways and seek God’s will, instead of our own.  I explained to her about what is currently happening in the United States and what is yet to come which so many people are currently seeing through prayer, meditation and dreams, and she asked: “If the devastation caused by hurricane Sandy is something to do with God’s judgement and His warnings, how come no harm has come to Las Vegas yet?” No sooner had she finished the sentence, the reporter on Sky News, which we were watching at the time said: Atlantic City, considered the Las Vegas of the Eastern part of the United States, has been one of the cities worst affected by Hurricane Sandy. I have never been to Atlantic City and so I cannot comment, but I have been to Las Vegas and if Atlantic City can be even remotely compared to a place like Las Vegas, then I believe God answered my daughter’s question right there through the update that reporter had just given.  It was right on cue and it answered my daughter’s question literally.

Having returned from Las Vegas only two months ago, I can testify that for me it is a bittersweet place. It sells itself to the world by means of bright, beautiful lights and glamorous spectacle, but behind that very cleverly put together, enticing and alluring facade, lies a sordid and sad reality of prostitution, drug dealing and addiction, alcoholism, gambling and simply the most painful truth that even those who call ourselves Christian are prepared to turn a blind eye to it all, so long as it doesn’t touch us, right? Wrong, so long as we do not raise our voices in the face of pure evil, we are in God’s eyes as guilty of idolatry as the thousands who daily pour into that city to worship SELF.  More hurtful of all whilst visiting Las Vegas was the mockery that it has been made of the institution of marriage, of what should be a symbol of utter commitment, love and faithfulness and a union brought about by God himself.  A prolific number of chapels are to be found all around Las Vegas where it is almost mandatory to dress up for the joyous occasion, which is quite fitting really, because covering up and hiding behind a celebrity’s identity must be the only way to go through with such a farce.

In view of last night’s dramatic and devastating events, I sincerely apologise if anyone takes offence reading this, but time is short and we have to for once and for all realise that there are always consequences to our actions or lack of in many cases, that God is a Just and Fair God, and that no matter how hard we try to be in control, we cannot continue to be as naive to think that catastrophes like this are simply at the hands of nature.  Who orchestrates nature, who orchestrates the rhythm of life, who sustains the stars and the balance in the universe, who brought it all into being and who alone has the power to also bring it to an end? We cannot be so foolish and stuck in our own pride as to not see that there are much bigger forces in this universe than the economy, nature and human will.

Whether you think that John Paul is just a charlatan, a lunatic or a false prophet, don’t be so foolish as to dismiss the message with the messenger.  He, like all of us, will have to account for what he did with his life and the blessings bestowed upon him.  The important question we have to ask ourselves here is: what are we doing with our own life? Do we seek God in everything we do or our own will?  Is there more to these catastrophic events than meets the eye?  Indeed, what are we heading towards in terms of weather patterns, natural disasters and man’s greed and evil nature?  How far can all this go before we begin to wonder when is enough enough, before we kneel down and beg for mercy because there is absolutely nowhere else to go and nothing else to do as ALL POWER is finally taken off man’s hands?


This post is inspired by the desire to share with you all a timeless song with a timeless message:

When you feel your world is spiralling out of control, when you feel time is beyond your grasp, when you fret because there are not enough hours in the day, when you wallow in self-pity, when your life is all about the future and making plans, when you feel there cannot be a God who allows such suffering, pain and evil, when you feel hard done by and taken for granted, when you are downcast, when…..when….when….

Remember to stop, breath and simply re-learn to live each second of your life as if it was the last, remember those moments will never come back and what is the point of poisoning and wasting the ones left with self-pity, regret, fear, hatred and resentment? Cherish what you have, no matter how little or unvalued, no matter how infrequent or even more so when too abundant that you end up taking for granted the little details of what makes your life worthy and worth-living in God’s eyes.  You do have a purpose, you are here for a reason.  Find out what are those things in your life God has given you as gifts, and then love on them, cherish them, sacrifice for them with your every breath, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS remember they are gifts and we are to be grateful for every single one of those and we are to honour the Gift Giver by simply never neglecting them or by developing an attitude of entitlement in our hearts where Enough is never Enough.

Here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud: it is in living for others and by a daily practice of self-sacrifice that Your Life will take on its TRUE meaning. It does the soul good to often be last, to not have a turn, to go unheard, to  go unnoticed, to become invisible, to accept we know nought, to suffer pain and rejection.  It is then and only then that one can clearly and brightly see the power of God in one’s life. It is then and only then that our hearts are in a place to be able to acknowledge where we sit in this awe-inspiring universe. It is then and only then that Faith has a chance.  It is then and only then that God places in your hands the best gift of all: being able to better another person’s life by simply becoming the stepping stone upon which they stand so that they too can learn all these things and gain the right perspective, a purpose and a glorious future.

Don’t believe the lies of the enemy! Jesus is alive and claiming back what is HIS.

This is a video from Pete Wilson, Pastor at Crosspoint Church, Nashville, Tennessee which I have been following from the UK for the last few years. What Pete shares in this video gives me great hope that though the Western Church system exists in great measure to sustain the system itself and not to share the love of Jesus to a perishing world, there are still people out there who seek after God’s own heart be it outside or inside the system as is the case with Pete and his church.

I believe this video illustrates very clearly that the only way any church is going to have any impact for Christ in the world is through extending love, charity, compassion, redemption, forgiveness, freedom, faith and hope to those who are not able to get these things for themselves.  This has always been and will always be the heart of Jesus for His Church and for his people, and until churches shift from the human ambition to become bigger, better, and more powerful through their own efforts, no real impact will take place in the spiritual realm, no matter what we are led to believe by those who control and manipulate our understanding of what is really happening.

Thank you Pete for your inspiring video! May you, your church and your team keep up such wonderful work, and may you inspire other churches to shift all the superficial layers and to get to the core of what our true calling is in this world.

God bless you and the thousands who through self-sacrifice and death to self let the spirit of Jesus emerge and be glorified in the lives of the people you touch. Glory to God!

You didn’t confirm whether I had your permission to publish this video, but I trust in the Spirit that this post will glorify God and that it is important to share it and encourage others who feel called by God to be used in this manner, be it in or outside the system. I hope you will agree!